Diagnostic Medical Parasitology 5th Edition
Covers human medical parasitology and provides comprehensive, relevant diagnostic methods in comprehensive tome. • Presents complete information on individual parasites and provides information related to life cycles, morphology, disease presentations in the immunocompetent and compromised patient, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and prevention. • Offers clear and complete diagnostic procedures for use in the clinical microbiology laboratory,… (0 comment)

The Microbiological Safety of Food in Healthcare Settings
Drawing together the work of a wide range of experts, this extremely important book provides a clear, practical account of the salient features of foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and of the particular risks that they pose to vulnerable groups of the population in hospitals, nursing and residential homes, nurseries, and in the community at large.… (0 comment)

Real-Time PCR in Microbiology
Real-time PCR has established itself as a sensitive and specific qualitative and quantitative technique that has become important to all areas of microbiology. This invaluable book describes and explains some of the more complex aspects of real-time PCR by presenting a background for the novice, a theoretical reference for the experienced user, and useful discussions… (0 comment)

Lab Manual and Workbook in Microbiology 12th Edition
This lab manualemphasizes the basic principles of diagnostic microbiology for studentspreparing to enter the allied health field. Students are led through a seriesof exercises that allow them to learn basic microbiology techniques andpractice safety in the laboratory and hospital environment. It is primarily orientedtoward meeting the interests and needs of those who will be directly… (0 comment)

MUS Step1 Immunology and Microbiology LecNot
If you know all of the concepts in Step 1: The Ultimate USMLE Step 1 Review, you should do much better than pass USMLE Step 1: You should Crush it! Led by Theodore X. O’Connell, MD, the author of the best-selling USMLE Step 2 Secrets and Brochert’s Crush Step 2, this focused, high-yield review of… (0 comment)

Microbiology with Diseases 5th Edition
NOTE: Before purchasing, check with your instructor to ensure you select the correct ISBN. Several versions of Mastering™ Microbiology exist for each title, and registrations are not transferable. To register for and use Mastering Microbiology products, you may also need a Course ID, which your instructor will provide. Used books, rentals, and purchases made outside of Pearson If purchasing… (0 comment)

Microbiology A Systems Approach 5th Edition
This book is suited for all kinds of students and doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge of biology or chemistry. If you are interested in entering the health care profession in some way, this book will give you a strong background in the biology of microorganisms, without overwhelming you with unnecessary details. Don’t worry if you… (0 comment)