Succinct Pediatrics Evaluation and Management for Infectious Diseases and Dermatologic Disorders
Confidently evaluate evidence-based information to make timely and accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions! The second volume features 58 topics with key points and detailed therapies in infectious diseases and dermatologic disorders. Obtain core knowledge needed for medical decision making and evidence-based information to provide insight into diagnostic tests and treatment modalities. Topics include: Infectious Diseases… (0 comment)

Skin Lymphoma The Illustrated Guide 3rd Edition
Skin lymphomas are relatively rare and can be easily misdiagnosed as psoriasis or dermatitis. These lymphomas can be fatal. Consequently, those in training in dermatology and pathology need to have a good understanding of the clinical presentations and the pathological correlates of this challenging disease. This updated edition provides: A full-colour illustrated text and atlas… (0 comment)

Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians
Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians offers a practical yet comprehensive approach for care of patients with skin disease.  It was designed to be more than a reference manual that provides an alphabetical listing of skin conditions-because the diagnosis isn’t always straightforward and differential diagnoses must be consider. This text can help advance practice clinicians and… (0 comment)

WHO Classification of Skin Tumours 4th Edition
The WHO Classification of Skin Tumours is the 11th volume in the 4th edition of the WHO series on the classification of human tumours. The series (also known as the Blue Books) has long been regarded by pathologists as the gold standard for the diagnosis of tumours, and it is an indispensable guide for the… (0 comment)